Process of Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos is widely used in many building materials due to its exceptional heat resistance and binding properties. It is also considered a practical component for floor tile, roofing and flashing, bricks, pipes, insulation, and asbestos concrete. However, the process of removing asbestos exposes people to asbestos fibers that pose significant health hazards. These fibers can […]

PROJECT Hvac Replacement

What Is an Industrial HVAC System?

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Waco Inc. offers complete HVAC systems that include: fabrication, installation, renovation, and replacement services. With over 50 years of experience, our highly qualified technicians have what it takes to handle large commercial buildings and industrial facilities , from replacing a single chiller to renovating an entire HVAC system. The term “industrial HVAC” can refer to […]

Insulated process piping

What’s the Difference Between Process Piping and Plumbing?

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Piping systems can be broadly divided into two categories: process piping and plumbing. When selecting the right piping for your operation, it is important to understand which piping you need for your application. Both process piping and plumbing offer unique benefits, and each must comply with specific industry standards and material requirements, depending on their […]

Asbestos and Lead Removal by Waco, Inc.

Where Is Asbestos Found?

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Asbestos is a material that poses little risk when undisturbed. However, this naturally occurring mineral can release microscopic fibers into the air when disrupted, making it very dangerous if ingested or inhaled. The fibers enter the body and lodge in the lining of the chest, abdomen, and heart cavity. Over time, it causes irritation and […]

Example of mechanical contractor jobsite

What Is the Role of a Mechanical Contractor?

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Mechanical contractors oversee mechanical construction, replacement, and repair projects in a range of industries. Their responsibilities vary depending on the project, but mechanical contractors are often in charge of supervising other mechanical workers, scheduling subcontractors, and making sure mechanical systems are installed correctly and within budget. They work in a variety of areas, including process […]