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Vines Collier and Bill Walker co-founded Waco Insulation, Inc. on January 3, 1963. The origin of the name Waco? The first two letters from Walker and Collier. The first location was in Richmond, VA at 217 East Belt Boulevard, in an office/warehouse rented from A. E. Tate Lumber Company. Al Tate provided a $10,000 loan to the company for start-up capital. The loan required payment of interest, and 25% of company profits until the loan was paid off! A coin toss determined that Collier would be President of the new company.

In 1977 our name was changed to Waco Inc., to reflect that the company provided a wide diversity of products and services in addition to insulation.

OUR COMMITMENT :: Customer service

Waco, Inc. is a privately-owned, diversified contracting firm providing a full scope of mechanical construction and maintenance services. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, we have multiple locations to serve the East Coast and Midwest regions of the United States. With a long-standing reputation of excellence and years of experience, we are confident in our ability to solve your problems through progressive and innovative solutions.

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