Process Piping Contractor

Process Piping Contractor

Waco Inc. specializes in heavy industrial processes that require superior craftsmanship, consistent quality, strict adherence to specifications and complete verification and testing of materials and components. Our main goal is to safely exceed the expectations of our process piping clients.

The standard of workmanship is much more critical due to the hazardous and corrosive nature of many process fluids. Our pipefitters, welders and quality assurance managers have experience working with the following types of process piping materials:

  • 304/316 Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Moly (Chromium Molybdenum)
  • Carbon Steel Schedule 40, 80, 120
  • Inconel
  • Teflon/ Glass Lined Piping
  • Nickel / Hastelloy
  • Fiberglass


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We offer the following process piping services:

  • Custom Spooling
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel
  • Air / Instrumentation
  • Large and Small Bore Piping
  • Large In-house Fabrication / Storage
  • Process Skid Packages
  • Hi Purity Systems
  • Natural Gas and Fuels
  • Shutdowns / Outages
  • Steam / Condensate piping (R-Stamp)

Our markets include:

  • Power
  • Paper
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Potable Water
  • Waste Water
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Process Piping Projects

At Waco Inc., our process piping experience includes:

  • BAE / Radford Arsenal – Nitric Acid Modernization
  • Hexion – Anhydrous Ammonia Piping Replacement
  • Ashland, Inc.- Natrosol HEC Reactor Replacement
  • Dupont – Nomex and Kevlar Pipe and Equipment Upgrades
  • AdvanSix / Honeywell – Sulfuric Acid Pipe and Equipment Upgrade
  • Westrock – Utility / Process Piping Upgrades

The following are two featured projects from the many successes in our portfolio.

Process Piping for BAE / Radford Arsenal

This nitric acid modernization project involved building the concrete foundation, coating the foundation with acid-resistant paints, onside field welding of three 50,000 gallon aluminum tanks and three 20,000 gallon tanks. In addition, Waco, Inc. constructed the structural steel framework support including platforms and access ladders, installed the process stainless steel piping, fittings and valves, and aligned the pumps, compressors and equipment.

Piping for Virginia Distillery

Waco was contracted to perform pipe installation and install a steam system as part of a long-term expansion plan by Virginia Distillery. Our initial success with the steam and condensate system around a pre-purchased boiler prompted Virginia Distillery to keep us on for the installation of sanitary stainless steel process piping, copper piping and installation of several heat exchangers. We combined several steel piping applications into a unique configuration based on a dynamic and ever-changing plan. Waco worked closely with Virginia Distillery through their initial production processes start-up operation.


Do you have the ability to develop fabricated piping systems from ISO / CAD drawings?

Yes, we have in-house capability to utilize provided drawings and fabricate the piping, fittings, and any other support steel to our client’s exact requirements.

What percentage of your work is self-performed vs sub-contracted?

Waco self-performs over 85% of all the crafts utilized on our projects.

Do you have the capacity to self-perform all equipment setting and rigging requirements?

Yes, Waco offers complete rigging capabilities for the accurate placement of large bore piping, breeching/ ductwork, structural steel and most equipment. We utilize certified crane operators and provide detailed lift plans for all critical lift requirements.

What types of welding does Waco Inc. use with process piping?

We use TIG and MIG welding. Our R-Stamp and ASME certifications show our commitment to quality in our welding operations. Our orbital welding capabilities allow us to precisely install small bore sanitary stainless steel piping projects.

Do you provide weld maps, verification of materials and components, and testing results at the conclusion of each project?

Yes. With all process piping jobs, we assemble a weld map, records of material sources, testing results and other critical information. They detail the source of the piping and verify that the job meets both ASTM requirements and the client’s specifications.

Do you have experience with DOWTHERM™ process piping systems?

Yes. Waco Inc. has experience with process piping for caustic chemicals, including DOWTHERM™.

Do you have a Quality Assurance/Quality Control manual that is strictly adhered to when working on all projects?

Yes, a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manual is an integral part of our process and is required for ASME certification. We strictly follow these directives.

Can you quickly mobilize manpower, equipment and materials for emergency work and plant shutdowns?

Yes. With between 800,000 and 1,000,000 man hours worked per year, Waco Inc. excels at handling large process piping jobs. We typically complete projects from $500,000 to $5 million, with several projects exceeding that amount.

Process Piping Contractor Services from Waco, Inc.

Waco is an experienced contractor of process piping services. Our high level of knowledge, adherence to quality and project management expertise allow us to confidently create innovative and effective solutions for our customers.  We operate throughout the Mid-Atlantic region offering process piping services in Richmond, VA., Fredericksburg, VA., Charlottesville, VA., Roanoke, VA., Covington, VA., Winchester, VA., Fayetteville, NC., Wilmington, NC., Charleston, WV and other major localities.  Contact our experts today and learn how our superior process piping services can improve your new and existing operations.