Freeze Protection Water Plant

  • Freeze Protection Water Plant Freeze Protection Water Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment Plant


  • Contract Value: $36,000
  • Man-Hours: 489
  • Superintendent: Alan Shupe
  • Project Manager: Alex Howell
  • Waco, Inc. Newport News, VA

About This Project

Waco recently completed an insulation project at HRSD’s Williamsburg Treatment facility Odor Station A. This station has several pipe sizes from 3” to 16” diameter located outside that needed to be electrically heat traced and insulated to prevent the water and vapors inside from freezing. Waco coordinated with the electrical contractor who was installing the heat tracing. We determined that the most appropriate insulation system would incorporate using a one (1) inch thick closed cell Armaflex foam rubber insulation and an outdoor rated PVC jacket for weather protection. The project started at the end of October and needed to be finished by the end of November, before freezing temperatures set in.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and the system is operating as designed. This was another in a long line of successful insulation projects that Waco has completed for HRSD over the years.

Thanks to Waco and the other contractors, the people of Williamsburg and the surrounding area are now benefitting from the new control system at Odor Station A.

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