Overseas Corporations Find Waco is the Right Partner for USA Projects

  • Rockwool Rockwool


  • Total Job Value: $4.24 Million USD
  • Total Manhours: 52,388

Waco has had the privilege of working with several corporations that are based overseas and were expanding operations in the United States.

Waco’s wide range of services and our ability to coordinate with owners, engineers, project managers and field technicians provide a level of confidence that can be appealing to a foreign manufacturer evaluating prospective construction companies. Our certification programs for welding B31, ASME and R- Stamp all demonstrate that we are committed to quality assurance. We are comfortable with converting to metric units for lengths of measure, units and weights. Waco has relationships with key suppliers and subcontractors, and can share those contacts, allowing a company not familiar with regional players to quickly gain access to needed information and materials.

Our ability to warehouse critical equipment and materials helps to prevent delays and reduces the costs of storage. We can devise creative ways to procure products and fabricate needed parts. To do both of these in a short time frame is extremely beneficial to these clients who may have had long lead times to acquire these products from oversea suppliers. Waco can also provide assistance in compliance with local building codes and construction processes that differ in the United States.

When Knauf, GMBH, a German company, was modifying a fiberglass manufacturing facility in Inwood, WV., they evaluated several contractors and determined that Waco provided the best value for their project. Waco services included equipment installation and alignment, rigging, process pipe welding and fittings, HVAC ductwork fabrication and Insulation. The total billing for this very successful project was $3.55 Million

Coincidentally, just a few kilometers from the Knauf facility, a Danish company – Rockwool International, was building a new manufacturing center in Ranson, WV, for the production of mineral wool insulation. This massive facility named RAN5 is the fourth one built in North America, and uses local stone (basalt) to produce a mineral wool insulation for residential and commercial building applications. Waco provided the following services in the construction of this plant:

Contracting Services provided:

  • Structural Steel erection and rigging
  • Process Welding / Pipe fittings
  • Insulation & Cladding

Equipment Involved:

  • Storage tanks, Exhaust Stacks, Scrubbers Buffer Tanks , Pit Lining, Pumps, Platforms
  • SS Piping, Valves , Fittings for Cooling water Binder cooling, Forced Air, Heat Exchanger
  • Quench Piping, Binder Piping, Large Heating Curing Ducts and Piping, Heat Exchangers ID Fans, Exhaust stack

Major Equipment Suppliers and Clients:

  • Rockwool
  • Flow-Tech
  • Bromkamp
  • EKS