Extensive Mold Remediation in office building

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  • Labor-intensive mold remediation project for office building
  • Project Scale: Approximately 4,000 sf of carpet was removed; Nearly 2,500 sf of drywall was removed
  • Removal of mold to prevent recurrence and optimize the investment of the building re-conditioning
  • All surfaces cleaned with high-powered, sanitizing chemicals
  • Project completed on-time and on-budget

About this PROJECT.

A vacant office building located in central VA was being re-conditioned in preparation for new tenants. The building had been vacant for a while, and due to leaks in the roof and humid summer temperatures, mold had formed on virtually all surfaces inside the building. In order to prepare the environment for further re-construction, mold had to be remediated throughout the building. Only two weeks were provided for completion in order to avoid delays in the overall re-construction project.

The building conditions included moldy and musty carpeting. There was visible mold on the majority of drywall surfaces. Ceiling tiles were wet and caved in due to the leaking roof and there was mold growth on the ceiling grids. Two large bathroom/locker rooms were full of mold including bathroom fixtures and metal lockers. All mold had to be removed in a way that prevented recurrence and optimized the investment required to re-condition the building.

The first phase of the mold remediation project was to remove and dispose of about 4,000 sq. ft. of carpet. Extensive portions of drywall had to be removed. In order to save as much material as possible to lower reconstruction costs, only the lower half of walls was removed by cutting a straight line horizontally. This reduced the subsequent cost of drywall replacement. All ceiling tiles were removed. Entire bathroom fixtures, sinks, and cabinets had to be removed.

All remaining surfaces were cleaned using Fiberlock’s Shockwave® and AfterShock® solutions; high-powered, concentrated biocide formulas that clean and disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces, and also sanitize porous and semi-porous surfaces. These chemicals were applied to the ceiling grids and metal lockers with rags and wire brushes. This process prevents future mold growth, under normal conditions.


Unique Project Challenges

1.As in all mold remediation projects undertaken by Waco, extra time for extensive and detailed cleaning had to be applied to prevent mold from re-forming within the building.

2.Extensive evaluation of surfaces and materials was completed in order to minimize re-construction costs for the building owner. An example of this was saving as much of the existing drywall surfaces as possible.

3.Due to the extent of the mold in the building and the tight timeframe to complete this mold remediation project, additional skilled labor had to be applied over and above what would have been normally been required for this type of project.

Why WACO was chosen

Credibility, detailed project management and past experience in large mold remediation projects

Waco’s overall reputation and extensive resume of successful mold remediation projects were of greatest value to the general contractor. Confidence that Waco could apply trained mold remediation personnel, along with a commitment to complete the project within the tight timeframe also were influential in Waco winning the project.

Summary of Results

Louis Walker, Waco’s Project Manager, along with their trained and licensed personnel were able to complete the project in the scheduled time, providing the general contractor with a clean, construction-ready building for subsequent sub-contractors. The project was completed within the stated budget, and no workplace injuries occurred.

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