Industrial Cleaning Project at Rocktenn paper mill

  • PROJECT Industrial cleaning PROJECT Industrial cleaning


  • Labor-intensive cleaning project completed in a tight timeframe
  • Project Scale: More than 2,000 square feet of machine surface cleaned
  • Approximately 700 labor hours during a one-week project
  • Special cleaning equipment required for 3 large machines
  • Plastic sheeting established to prevent debris migration and to ensure the plant is left unsoiled
  • Use of explosion-proof hepa-vacuums and dry-ice blasting machines
  • Hand scrubbing required in some areas with lifts and fall protection for workers
  • Project completed on-time and at the approved budget

About this PROJECT.

RockTenn is an American paper and packaging manufacturer based in Norcross, Georgia. It is one of North America’s leading producers of corrugated and consumer packaging and recycling solutions, with annualized net sales of approximately $10 billion. The company employs approximately 26,000 people and operates more than 245 facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and China.(Source Wikipedia)
The Lynchburg, Virginia mill is one of many owned and operated by RockTenn. Its history goes back well over 100 years, and currently produces gypsum paperboard liner, containing up to 45% recycled material.
Leadership at the Lynchburg mill is committed to a safe operating environment for their employees and to the production of quality products for their customers. Due to the debris that is created during the paper manufacturing process, large machines need to be cleaned frequently to avoid fire hazards and product contamination. Waco’s industrial cleaning capabilities have been part of RockTenn’s ongoing preventative maintenance activities for years.
This industrial cleaning project is focused on three very large papermaking machines. Cleaning these machines requires special cleaning equipment, with workers scheduled in a precise manner to ensure timely project completion.
Prior to the cleaning process, plastic sheeting is established around the machines to prevent debris migration and to ensure the plant is left in unsoiled condition. A variety of equipment is necessary to complete the project. Explosion-proof hepa-vacuums eliminate the risk of fire and contain minute particles of dust and debris. Dry-ice blasting machines are used to remove built-up grease. In places where cleaning equipment cannot reach, the machinery must be scrubbed by hand. The height of the machines can reach 12 feet tall, and workers require specialized lifts and fall protection.


Unique Project Challenges

1.Tight timeframe – the cleaning process had to be completed in one week. Good scheduling of equipment and people, along with detailed project management was required to ensure the project was completed successfully in the allotted time. Any delays would come at great cost to the paper mill.
2.Safety of personnel – the height of the machines required man lifts, ladders and other equipment. Extra safety training for Waco personnel was required, along with safety coordination among plant personnel.
3.Risk of fire – the very nature of the project is meant to prevent fire hazards. Consequently, it was critical that the equipment used to clean the machines is operated in manner that prevents any kind of spark or friction.

Why WACO was chosen

Past experience with outstanding results

RockTenn awarded the industrial cleaning project to Waco years ago, and has been pleased with their performance ever since. The quality of the results, timely project completion, an excellent safety record and the cooperative approach of Waco personnel all combine to bring Waco back year after year.

Summary of Results

Bobby Taylor, Waco’s Project Manager, utilizing Waco’s industrial cleaning resources, completed the project on time and at the approved budget. With personnel working at heights and the concern of sparks from operating the industrial cleaning equipment, Waco’s safety plan assured that there were no worker injuries, fires or incidents.

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