Incinerator upgrades for Waste Water Facility



  • Demolition of existing equipment
  • Installation of new Multi-Venturi Scrubber
  • Projected Schedule: 231 day period with only a 2 week continuous shutdown window

About This Project

Most waste treatment facilities have continued to expand as the volume of waste to them increases. There are many new technologies available today to help municipalities develop the best plan for effective treatment. At this particular facility, one of the methods of treatment is to incinerate a portion of the wastes. Incineration of wastes helps to reduce the overall volume of dry sludge and leaves a non volatile sterile residue. Upgrades to these systems are necessary to comply with air pollution control and to maintain efficiency in the process. The facility has a multiple hearth furnace incinerator designed for treatment of biosolids (dewatered sewage sludge). Waco has performed work on numerous incinerators and has an excellent track record and understanding of this technology.


Unique Project Challenges

The work involved on this project included the following:

  • Demolition of existing equipment – primarily a Multi Venturi Scrubber and Quench system; including valves, piping and electrical control panels.
  • Installation of a new Multi – Venturi Scrubber.

Additionally Waco would furnish and install:

  • The scrubber drain pumping system
  • Non-potable water automatic self cleaning strainer system
  • The structural support steel and access platforms for the new equipment
  • Piping, valves, fittings, etc.
  • The electrical distribution and control systems

Why WACO was chosen

The project was scheduled for completion over a 231 day period. However, only a two- week continuous shutdown of the incinerator would be allowed to install the scrubber and make all tie-ins and connections. This would require prefabricating most of the piping and structural steel. Precise coordination between the suppliers, subcontractors, crane and rigging crews would be of critical importance. Jon Coon, one of Waco’s experienced Project Managers, would be tasked with overseeing all these activities and bringing this project to a successful conclusion.


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