HVAC Replacement at John Tyler Community College


  • Replacement of rooftop units at Moyar Hall of John Tyler Community College in Chester, VA
  • Project Scale: Approximately 1,000 man hours required; 3 new rooftop units weighing 12,000 lbs each
  • Modify existing duct work, rework the control systems and re-route and size the mechanical piping
  • Complete project during a 5 day period

About this PROJECT.

The rooftop HVAC units at Moyar Hall had become old and unreliable, causing interruptions and high maintenance costs for the college. The decision was made to replace them and the work had to be completed during the Christmas season break.

The total project involved replacing 3 packaged rooftop units and a small split-system located at another building on the campus.

As is the case with many HVAC replacement projects these additional requirements would be needed to ensure the system functioned correctly:

  • Modification of duct work
  • Reworking the control systems
  • Re-routing and correctly sizing the mechanical piping

Ordinarily a routine project for the Waco team, the time constraints imposed on this project required a unique approach. Approval for the project and project start date had to be accomplished in an extremely short time frame. Waco developed the HVAC plan and had the engineer review and approve. Equipment was ordered and held by the supplier until the contract was signed. Once the contract was approved, the Waco procurement team worked with the supplier to expedite the delivery. It took all the associated departments at Waco working together to get the project done on time. All the pre-work and planning had to be done in advance because there would be no time to change things once the project was underway.


Unique Project Challenges

1.The main challenge was timing. The total project had to be completed during a 5-day period. To make this all happen, a team of 12 Waco employees and project managers were assigned to the project.

2.The project required the use of a 190 ton crane to properly and safely place the units on the rooftop. The configuration of the buildings and location of Moyar Hall required an experienced and creative rigging crew to accomplish this major portion of the project.

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Why WACO was chosen

Waco has a long resume of successful HVAC projects at various college campuses around the state. Our reputation, level of expertise and detailed execution plan gave the decision makers at John Tyler the added confidence that the project would be done right and on schedule.

Summary of Results

Gary Drake, an experienced project manager at Waco, led our team on this project. The entire project was completed in the tight time frame with only one small change order. It was due to the new HVAC units requiring additional electrical work, which was undetected during the engineering stage. This one change order represented less than 2% of the overall project investment. It was a good example of how a complex project can be done quickly and efficiently when the owner, engineers and contractors work well together and trust each other’s judgment.

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