Hazardous Waste Removal at capital region airport

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  • Nearly 20 separate buildings containing significant amounts of asbestos and hazardous materials
  • Asbestos found in floor tiles, interior and exterior caulk, pipe insulation, window glazing and roofing materials
  • Project requires refined methods and clear understanding of hazardous materials
  • Large amount of asbestos removal completed on-time and on-budget
Hazardous Waste Removal Project

About This Project

Buildings that previously housed the Virginia Air National Guard were located on the East side of the Richmond International airport. The buildings were planned for demolition in order for potential re-development of the land. The building complex was comprised of nearly 20 separate buildings and contained significant amounts of asbestos and other hazardous materials. The scope of the project was to remove all hazardous materials and make the buildings safe for demolition.
Asbestos materials were found in floor tiles, interior and exterior caulk, pipe insulation, window glazing, and the roofing materials. Additionally, PCB’s were contained in light ballasts, and mercury in thousands of light tubes and thermostat switches.


Unique Project Challenges

1.In order to remove the hazardous materials from all the buildings in a compressed amount of time, a tremendous amount of up-front organization and planning were required on the part of the Waco project scheduling and management teams.
2.The variety of hazardous materials (asbestos, PCB’s and mercury) contained in several different types of building materials required an extensive knowledge of hazardous waste handling and disposal procedures. As such, very close coordination with the environmental monitoring firm was necessary.
3.In order to meet the competitive demands of the market, Waco’s project estimating and pricing methods were put to task due to the multiple buildings, variety of building materials, and different hazardous materials in the project.

Why WACO was chosen

Economics and Experience
  • Due to Waco’s refined methods for understanding and estimating complex hazardous materials projects, Waco was the low bidder on the project.
  • The Capital Region Airport Commission had prior experience working with Waco, and had faith Waco had the knowledge and capabilities to get the project completed on time and at the estimated budget.
  • Waco’s experience with a wide variety of building materials and hazardous waste was also a significant factor leading to being awarded the project.

Summary of Results

Louis Walker, Waco’s project manager, and his experienced team were able to ready the buildings for demolition on-time. Even though the project involved nearly 20 separate buildings, a variety of building materials, and several different types of hazardous materials, there were no change-orders and no workplace accidents during the project. Overall, the project was completed within the promised budget, and the Commission was pleased with Waco’s ongoing communications and updates, and how the project was managed to completion.

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