Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturer Teams with Waco

  • PROJECT Fiberglass Insulation Expansion PROJECT Fiberglass Insulation Expansion
  • PROJECT Fiberglass Insulation Expansion PROJECT Fiberglass Insulation Expansion


  • Pipe Footage: Approximately 12,700 lineal feet
  • Peak Employment on Site - Waco: 54
  • Waco Contract Value: 2-3 million
  • Waco Project Manager: Lee Waldeck
  • Waco Assistant Project Manager: Daniel Coon
  • Superintendents: Mike Williams, Tim Morrison

About This Project

The demand for cleaner more energy efficient insulation products are clearly on the rise. The forecast for growth in the overall U.S. infrastructure will fuel this demand especially in the construction of new homes, apartments, mixed use developments, schools, hospitals and other structures. In response, a leading fiberglass insulation manufacturer chose to partner with Waco, Inc. for a major expansion of their manufacturing facility. This plant produces a light density building insulation, and the new line will utilize patented technology.

Waco has a long history with the insulation market. Our company was founded in 1963 and for many years operated primarily as an insulation contractor and distributor. Through the years, we have expanded our operations to become a major regional mechanical contractor with an emphasis in process and utility piping projects. The ability to partner with a major insulation manufacturer to build a new line was not just standard business, but an opportunity to affect an industry we had always promoted. Waco entered into a contract to begin construction in April of 2017 with one of the world’s largest producers of insulation products.


Unique Project Challenges

Our scope of work involved in this multi-million dollar project was the setting of process equipment and the fabrication and installation of the connected piping system. The piping was a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel providing services for natural gas, water and compressed air. Waco also installed over 400 lineal feet of underground double insulated oxygen piping. All of the piping installed was based off of isometric drawings and a 3D model; no hard drawings were provided. The equipment to be set included: a melter, cooling towers, vertical shaft pumps, end suction pumps, heat exchangers, purge blowers, air receiver tanks and several pre-fabricated pipe skids. As the project proceeded, Waco was awarded additional work including the HVAC equipment and connecting ductwork. We would also fabricate and install a stainless steel bunker hood. The project involved over 50 craftsmen on site and was completed by November of 2017.

Without a doubt, the local communities are pleased to have this manufacturer as a neighbor, creating new jobs and increasing tax revenues. The company’s investment is not only having an impact in the surrounding area of this manufacturing plant but worldwide as the increased use of fiberglass insulation reduces carbon emissions and conserves energy. What the world needs is more insulation, and this manfacturer, with Waco’s help, is making it happen.

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