Demolition of Tanks at an Old Paint Facility

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  • Demolish and remove 143 tanks ranging in sizes from 20 to 7,000 gallons.
  • Dismantle and remove several thousand lineal feet of process piping.
  • Clean floors with over 6 inches of thick sludge and dried resin.
  • Pump sludge out of three 1,000 sf basements.
  • Power-wash floors, drains and grating.
  • Fill and remove over fifty 30-yd dumpsters of non hazardous solid waste.
  • Remove and dispose of ash and other materials from the brick smokestack.
  • Managed subcontractors for removal of hazardous materials from the property, concrete floor cutting, and electrical work

About This Project

It’s common to see old warehouses and large commercial buildings turned into apartment complexes or condominiums. The large, often open-layout spaces provide an incredible opportunity for developers to build the maximum number of units per square foot, without having to custom-build the exterior. The Manchester District located in southside Richmond has many buildings under renovation at this time.

The Sampson Paint building, which is located in this area, operated as a paint mixing and processing facility since the early 1900’s. It’s large brick smokestack towards the back of the lot is an iconic piece of Manchester, echoing the area’s strong industrial past. With its close proximity to downtown, the building offers impressive views of the city and has easy access to most of Greater Richmond.

Penn Environmental & Remediation Company, located in Pennsylvania, contacted Waco in order to determine the best methods to clean and revitalize this facility. They needed a contractor who could supervise the other subcontractors and safely remove the hazardous contents. Waco was awarded a contract in July of 2015.


With the guidance of Project Manager, Louis Walker, Waco was able to finish this challenging project earlier than the target completion date and provide a building complete and ready for planned future renovations.

Waco has years of experience with industrial cleaning, asbestos / lead abatement and demolition services.

Contact Waco at 888-822-7285 for more information.

Finished ahead of projected deadline.

Managing subcontractors.

Expertise in all aspects of this project.

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