asbestos abatement Project at Hampton Schools

  • PROJECT Asbestos Abatement PROJECT Asbestos Abatement


  • Plaster lath asbestos ceiling removal at two auditoriums
  • Project Scale: 5,000 bags of asbestos materials weighing about 60 tons removed from both locations
  • Ceilings in both auditoriums covered about 9,000 sf
  • Use of large-scale scaffolding was crucial to removing the ceiling materials safely
  • Contained work area with a foundation of cardboard materials beneath 3 layers of polyethylene sheeting
  • Creation of a 3-chamber decontamination facility on site to ensure worker safety and proper handling of hazardous materials
  • Project completed on-time and on-budget

About this PROJECT.

A complete renovation project was undertaken by the Hampton, VA school district, which included new ceilings, lights, sound systems, flooring and seats at two auditoriums. In both locations the plaster lath ceilings contained asbestos materials, which had to be removed consistent with asbestos abatement guidelines. Waco was awarded the project at both locations.

Due to ceiling heights and slanted floors in both auditoriums, Waco contracted with a scaffolding company to create a fairly large scaffolding structure enabling Waco personnel to remove the ceiling materials in a safe manner. Consistent with environmental regulations, the work areas were contained by laying out a foundation of cardboard materials beneath three layers of polyethylene sheeting. A negative pressure differential was created to ensure proper airflow while removing asbestos materials. Ceiling materials were taken down, bagged properly and removed from the job sites.


Unique Project Challenges

1.The entire renovation project at both locations had to be completed during the summer time when schools were closed. The ceiling removal phase of the project had to be done under a strict deadline in order to get other contractors onto the project in time. Waco personnel had only 4 weeks to complete the asbestos removal at both locations.

2.The scaffolding requirements and safety of workers were unique aspects of this project. In addition to scaffolding needed to access the ceilings, two stair towers were created to access the high platforms. Waco had the experience working with scaffolding contractors and was able to manage these elements without any negative impact on timing.

3.Due to the asbestos abatement requirements, Waco created a 3-chamber decontamination facility on site to ensure worker safety and proper handling of hazardous materials.

Why WACO was chosen

Trust earned from previous projects

The Hampton School District had worked with Waco previously on asbestos abatement projects. From their past experience, they were confident in Waco’s expertise and capability to complete the job on time. Waco’s project management skills enabled the school to complete the broader project without delays and additional expense.

Summary of Results

Mike Carraway was Waco’s project manager. The project was completed on the general contractor’s timeline and within their budget. The hygienist assigned to oversee the asbestos removal side of the project was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of work and proper handling/disposal of materials. Both auditoriums were turned over to the GC a few days ahead of schedule

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