Successful Demolition Project in Newport News

  • PROJECT Demolition PROJECT Demolition


  • Demolish/dispose of 9,000 tons of materials
  • 7,000 man hours over a 90 day period
  • Furnish and place 1,000 cubic yards of fill materials in place of swimming pool
  • 110,000 sf of sidewalk and asphalt removal
  • Demolition project completed on-time with no change orders and accident free
Waverton Demolition

About this PROJECT.

This project encompassed the demolition and debris removal of a large apartment complex. The complex was comprised of 138 townhouse apartment units in 19 separate buildings located on 10+ acres in Newport News. It was to be replaced by a new apartment complex with larger buildings to improve utilization of the real estate. In addition to demolition of the apartment buildings, the project also included demolition of a large swimming pool, patio area, clubhouse and office; and removal of all parking areas, walkways and utilities. Essentially, the large complex was razed to the ground to prepare for re-development. All of the concrete and asphalt were to be recycled, including off-site recycling of the concrete, which was used for the parking area in the re-developed complex. Waco was the demolition sub-contractor for the GC – Waverton Construction.


Unique Project Challenges

1. In order to complete the demolition and re-development on time, there was significant overlap in project phases, along with extraordinary time constraints. This required precise scheduling of phases, and flexible coordination of labor and materials.

2.Accessibility to site was particularly challenging in light of the amount of materials removed from the site and fill materials moved onto the site. This required a good amount of trucking resources.

3.The recycling of materials had to be scheduled and executed fast enough in order for the recycled materials to be used in subsequent phases of the project. Due to the overlapping of phases, execution of the recycling process was critical.

Why WACO was chosen

Economics and Reputation
  • Due to their unique methods and ability to manage large projects, Waco was the low bidder on the project.
  • Waverton had previous experience with Waco and knew they had the talent, expertise and resources to complete the project successfully.
  • Waco had the amount of personnel and capital equipment resources to handle the project including excavators, skid-steers, and large capacity debris trailers.
  • Waco’s reputation of “get in, get it done and get out” gave Waverton peace of mind that the time demands of the project could be met with minimal complications

Summary of Results

The project was completed on-time and on-budget with no change orders, which highlights a well-coordinated project between the GC and Waco. Harry Judy was the project manager for Waco. There were unexpected geo-technical complications, which were overcome to meet project timelines. Finally, there were no accidents or workplace injuries, which is no surprise, and due to Waco’s substantial emphasis on workplace safety.

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